Normalize, validate and reconcile any data in the cloud

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Redefining reconciliation

No more implementation projects. Switch on Duco and empower the people who know your data to normalize and reconcile it themselves, within hours. You won't find anything else like it.

Scale from start-up to global corp

Duco will process a few hundred or a few billion lines of data for you. Stop spending more and more on manual work as you concentrate on scaling your business.

Always stay ahead of the game

Duco’s Software-as-a-Service model, with monthly releases, means you benefit from our heavy investment in continuous innovation. All clients win as we roll out best practice.

Powerful technology that works with any data

Put your people in charge

Self-service setup

Load your data as it is, from spreadsheets, CSV, SWIFT, FIXML and more. Duco will learn the format and you get your first results on screen in minutes.


Take away the pressure

With data preparation, ETL, or clean-up now unnecessary, spend your valuable IT dollars on more productive and fulfilling projects.

Investigate issues fast

Intelligent automation

Duco’s exceptions workflow automatically assigns, routes, labels and comments on exceptions. Everything is owned, nothing falls through the cracks.


Collaborate from anywhere

With access from all your global locations, pass issues around easily as you “follow the sun” and share investigation work with colleagues.

Big Data and Analytics

Real-time analytics

Get ready for a fully-tuned and scaled out Hadoop-cluster that contains your normalized data and operational information. Connect Tableau, Cliq, or your favourite tool to a simple SQL endpoint and start reporting.


Archiving is history

When we say Big Data, we mean BIG. Run analytics over ten years of trading data. Get real-time updates as your exception time series changes. Power at your fingertips, with no extra work.

Cash reconciliation

Everything you need to control cash

Apply the flexibility of Duco to your cash controls. Take advantage of account management, permission control, balance carry-over and split/merge functionality.


Wide support

Duco handles cash and nostro controls via SWIFT MT940/950, as well as stock/depot activity and holding reconciliation via SWIFT MT535/536.

Total equity and NAV

Proof of balance

With Duco Insight you can link the results of multiple processes, to automatically detect how much of a break is caused by underlying issues.


Cut out the investigation work

Drill down into underlying breaks in just one click. When the underlying activity is fixed, higher level results are recalculated in real-time.

Why Duco is the best choice

Lower cost of ownership

We take care of hosting and updating Duco securely so you don’t have to worry about replication, archiving, backups, or regression testing. It adds up to lower TCO and less distraction.

Highly secure and low risk

With no system installation or data projects and no big upfront fees, adopting Duco is straightforward and doesn’t suffer from waterfall project risk.

Because your people are worth it

We take very good care of our customers and it shows. Our users love the freedom Duco brings them, and that we are there for them 24/7.

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Duco is live within 24 hours, gets results in 30 days and delivers a return on investment in year one.