Cash account

Most commercial activity results in some kind of cash transaction, so investigations, when they happen, often involve a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and loads of manual work to identify true root causes of breaks.

Due to their nature, cash reconciliations require a high level of oversight, and receive significant scrutiny from regulators. Getting it wrong can be costly, with significant fines for responsible parties if controls are not properly implemented and managed.

How Duco adds value

Duco’s powerful matching engine improves match rates out of the box. Our no-code, data agnostic platform means business users can set up reconciliations, complete with automated labelling and workflows with in a matter of days. Without the need for lengthy IT projects.

With Duco, you can ditch upgrade costs, eliminate the proliferation of point solutions, and reduce the time to market for new products.


The cost of unnecessary manual work

Frequently cash reconciliations require hours of resource-hungry manual work on complex break investigations for simple data errors that should have been picked up. 

Save time and ditch manual matching

Starting checks, tolerances and the ability to include additional data elements to your cash process improve accuracy and help to eliminate manual matching.


Account governance

Accounts don’t always line up.  When statements have multiple sub-accounts that need to be reconciled against a single one on the internal ledger, you may end up stuck with multiple repetitive processes.

Eliminate repetitive processes and get control of your accounts

Consolidate various account combinations into one process. No more managing data across multiple views.  You can run the same process for multiple accounts, saving time and avoiding duplicate manual work.  And everything is automatically documented for complete audibility.


Cash investigations involve a lot of people

Cash break investigations are broad and complex. They can hit investment teams, trade operations, and finance as well as external counterparties. With this many people involved, investigating false breaks can create chaos.

Reduce false breaks and avoid unnecessary investigations

Use Duco’s Natural Rule Language to set up auto-match rules and exception tolerances to filter out the noise of false breaks. Transactions under the tolerance can automatically be matched – no investigation needed.


Adapting to change is a challenge

Legacy tech, especially on-prem solutions, can struggle to keep up with changing file formats and new processes. Adapting your processes to new requirements can be challenging and costly, inhibiting business improvement.

Flexible, schema-free model adapts quickly to changing requirements

Duco’s SaaS model eliminates the need for costly upgrades when requirements change. And you can change or create new reconciliations within hours, without large development projects. Rules are easy to update, test and promote through dedicated sandbox/UAT environments.

Seeing is believing

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