Transform data
in the platform
without code

Duco’s data prep capability can help you consolidate, normalise and transform data, streamlining processes without the need for code. Flag errors or omissions at source in real time - perfect for highly controlled & regulated financial services environments.

Mapping & normalisation

Transformation in Natural Rule Language

Enrichment & reference data

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Agility is in your hands

Normalise disparate data

Normalise data sets quickly using our unique Natural Rule Language. Perfect for consolidating customer information, or bringing together data from multiple brokers, fund administrators, regulators, underwriters, etc.

Seamless data transformation

With Duco’s easy-to-use interface and plain English natural language rules you can transform data intuitively and without code. Seamlessly enrich your data from reference tables or external sources. Use it to standardise customer reporting, benchmarking, regulation, trade reports and much more!

Simple integration

Export your data on demand, or set up regular snapshots for use in downstream systems. Feed multiple sources into reconciliations, or clean your data so it’s data-lake ready. With Duco, painful data migration headaches are a thing of the past.

Data quality controls

Flag errors and omissions at source, so you’re not constantly fixing issues downstream. Save time and effort on exceptions investigation, and start trusting your data for business insights.

Data Prep is part of the Duco Platform

Agile & Scalable

Harness the power of the cloud to react fast to any changes in data volume or complexity.



Build controls quickly to manage, transform and reconcile data. Major projects are history.

Machine learing

AI powered

Easily automate common tasks with high accuracy, keeping humans in the loop to validate and improve outcomes

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