Regulatory data quality for
the MAS Rewrite

Stay ahead of the demands of the MAS Rewrite with an agile post-reporting solution.

Are you ready for the challenges of the MAS rewrite?

The MAS Rewrite goes live in October 2024, tightening reporting rules in line with the ASIC Rewrite and other reporting updates in Europe, North America and Asia. While the move to ISO XML formats and unified processes for things like UTI generation may make things more consistent, it may also make reporting more complex.

Be ready for the Rewrite.

MAS Rewrite goes live in


Agile reporting controls
for the MAS Rewrite

The MAS Rewrite will likely present similar operational challenges to other recent regulatory updates. Finding and managing the data for new reportable fields, new UTI generation processes and package identifiers are a few key areas to watch out for.

Duco’s no-code, SaaS platform along with expert professional services and out-of-the-box MAS Rewrite solution can help ensure controls meet requirements while reducing cost, complexity and time to value.


Avoiding fines and sanctions


Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to attention from the regulator. And it’s not just the fines that are expensive. Audits and remediation programmes are costly, and reputational damage can be significant.


Duco can help you ensure that the data you’re sending to the Trade Repository is accurate, complete and in the right format. Our solution can help you quickly identify issues that need correcting upstream to avoid repeated errors.


Futureproofing processes


Adding or changing data inputs is a challenge with inflexible tech and huge internal change control projects as regulations evolve.


Our pre-configured solution is already mapped to the relevant ISO XML fields and is linked to our Data Prep module, meaning you can normalise and transform data quickly and easily in the platform. You can scale quickly without adding cost or sacrificing controls for speed.


Managing divergent regimes


ASIC, EMIR UK, EMIR EU and CFTC are sharing key reporting requirements, but some fields and formats diverge across regimes, leading to headaches for reporting and maintenance. Particularly with more regular regulatory ‘tweaks’ rather than infrequent large changes.


Our preconfigured processes simplify mapping internal data to submission formats. And they are maintained by Duco, so there’s no need for large change projects as regulations evolve.

MAS Rewrite solution

Duco offers an accelerated solution for MAS Rewrite readiness that combines the expertise of our professional services (PS) team with our robust platform capabilities.

Health check

Operating model diagnostic

  • Get clarity on business architecture
  • Map systems, data flows, processes and control points
  • Uncover gaps, risk areas and opportunities for control improvements

Scope & build

PS-supported custom configurations

  • Validate, transform and enrich data
  • Smooth UAT and deployment to production
  • Optimise for future change

Assurance controls

Intersystem and post-reporting

  • Eliminate maintenance with preconfigured MAS processes and automatic XML schema updates
  • Improve visibility with operational dashboards
  • Self documenting, auditable and transparent controls

Regulatory data quality. Simplified.

The Duco platform is the only choice when you need to respond fast, stay in control of your data, create transparency and future-proof your operations.

You’re in control

From our no-code Natural Rule Language to the Duco Alpha machine learning engine, our solution is designed to be user-friendly in every way, from setup to documentation.

Agile compliance

Adapt to the changing demands of regulators with ease and at short notice. From remapping existing processes to handling new data types, Duco’s data quality solution for the MAS Rewrite keeps you one step ahead.

See everything

Get end-to-end transparency of your regulatory data quality processes and manage permissions on a granular level. Every action is recorded for complete auditability.

Always ready

Our platform is data agnostic and easily connects to both upstream and downstream systems. Whether it’s the regulation that evolves or your tech stack, Duco’s data quality solution comes with flexibility baked in to keep you future-proofed.

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