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Since 2008, regulators have been increasing oversight to ensure greater transparency in financial markets. Regulations including the EMIR Refit, MiFID II, and the CFTC Rewrite are putting even more focus on accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reported data, while also compressing timelines.

Keeping up with changing requirements often means completely rebuilding regulatory reconciliations – large, resource-hungry change projects with BRDs, reviews, testing and significant contingency spend – when you’re facing rigid regulatory deadlines.

Duco covers global regimes, including:


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How Duco adds value

Duco helps firms manage the cost and complexity of vital regulatory reporting controls. Our scalable, no-code SaaS platform, combined with professional services and out-of-the-box solutions, provide robust capabilities for intersystem reconciliations and post-reporting controls.

You can implement Duco’s regulatory reporting solutions with expert professional services support in a matter of weeks. Business users can update inputs and adjust rules and tolerances without code. Scale easily, eliminating large change projects whenever business needs or regulations change.


Adapting to regulatory change

If you’ve historically reacted to regulatory change on a case-by-case basis, your complex web of point solutions and one-off fixes will be struggling to cope.

Save time and ditch manual matching

Duco’s no-code Natural Rule Language enables non-technical teams to remap existing processes – or build new ones – quickly and easily. Parameters are captured automatically for transparency and auditability.


Avoiding fines and sanctions

Inaccurate or incomplete data leads to attention from the regulator. And it’s not just fines that are expensive. Audits and remediation actions are costly, and reputational damage can be significant.

Eliminate repetitive processes and get control of your accounts

Duco can help you ensure the data you’re sending to regulators is accurate, complete and in the right format. Our solutions help you meet the requirements of post-reporting reconciliations and quickly and easily identify issues that need correcting upstream.


Managing multiple regimes

There are a lot of similarities between reporting regimes but they are not identical. Brexit is also leading to divergence between the EU and UK on shared regimes like EMIR.

Regime-specific solutions and static recs just won’t cut it for global businesses.

Reduce false breaks and avoid unnecessary investigations

With Duco, maintaining multiple reconciliations and adapting them as regulations change is simple, straightforward and transparent.


Current processes are resource heavy

Manual workarounds that compensate for poor data quality and highly complex processes frequently end in dozens of people spending time on something that should really be automated.

Flexible, schema-free model adapts quickly to changing requirements

You can transform and normalise data in Duco. Our complex matching algorithm and rule-based tolerances get you to solid data faster so your team can focus on the tasks that matter.

Best Transaction Reporting Solution in the A-Team Group's RegTech Insight Awards Europe 2024!

The awards recognise RegTech solutions that are successfully improving firms’ ability to respond effectively to evolving and ever more complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry.

Read what Steve Walsh, Director – Products and Solutions, has to say about our award winning solution.

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