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With dozens of custodians and thousands of transactions, critical custody reconciliations get complicated fast. You need data you can trust for everything from client reporting to allocations and fees.

Regulatory scrutiny is increasing, and getting this wrong could lead to audits, fines and reputational challenges.

How Duco adds value

Reconciliations can be set up in days by the people who know the data, and can adapt quickly when you need to add new custodians or products

Reconciliation parameters and process configurations are captured automatically, ensuring transparency and auditability


Time pressures for reconciliations

Waiting until all the data has come in from all custodians to start the reconciliation process wastes valuable time, slowing down the process and creating unnecessary pressures on deadlines.

Automated workflows help get true breaks to the right investigation teams faster

Duco’s automated workflows can be set up for ‘snapshot’ runs at a certain time of the day or as submissions come in. All snapshots are instantly accessible on one page. No tracking down previous runs across the system.


Lack of standardisation

Messy data frequently means manual work before you can even run a reconciliation. Whether it’s file formats, reference data, or something as simple as date formats, cleaning up data is work your team shouldn’t have to do.

Natural rule language provides flexibility and efficiency

Natural Rule Language means you can easily automate transformation as well as labelling and assigning breaks. When data changes your rules can too – in minutes – with everything documented for full auditability.


Clunky workflows

With legacy tech, break and investigation workflows can be clunky and time consuming. Sending screenshots of breaks via email to identify owners of breaks slows down investigations.

Flexible, automated workflow adapts to users, not the other way around

Automated workflows are simple in Duco. “If break is x then do y”. Labelling, assigning investigators, commenting are all done quickly and can be done in bulk. You define your best practices and build workflows that follow them.

Seeing is believing

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