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Crypto transactions require reconciliation to ensure that trades and positions are correct between internal records and the blockchain as well as counterparties like liquidity providers and custodians.

‘Crypto Winter’ increased regulators’ focus on greater transparency and controls. With institutional investors looking to crypto for diversified investments, firms need to evidence robust processes to convince them crypto is safe for their clients’ assets.

How Duco adds value

Duco has one of the largest books of crypto clients in the business

We support reconciliations including ISOR vs blockchain, custodians and liquidity providers, trades vs payments, and bank/PSP

Our no-code, data-agnostic approach and Natural Rule Language allows reconciliations to be set up easily and quickly by the people who know the data - no need for IT.

Best-in-class match rates, rule-based tolerances and multi-pass capabilities for reference data help you eliminate time and resource hungry manual processes


Regulation is coming

Regulatory focus is increasing in  the UK, EU, and the US. You’ll likely need to pass more stringent internal and external audits, and it will be difficult to keep up if you’re relying on spreadsheets or internally developed tools.

Full transparency for your reconciliations

With Duco you can build scalable, robust processes that  demonstrate controls for license and regulatory purposes. Duco’s audit capabilities, self-documentation and point-in-time views help you mitigate operational risk.


Traditional reconciliation tools can’t handle crypto

Many traditional tools are built for specific data types or reconciliations. The amount of pre-transformation required to get them to work on crypto data can be prohibitive.

Duco is data agnostic

Duco can work with crypto data straight out of the box. ETH numbers to 18 decimal places? No problem. And you can adapt recs easily as new formats like ISO 20022 become more widely adopted or regulations change.


Speed is key

When processes aren’t automated, breaks take longer to flag. These errors can create big problems if they’re not found and fixed quickly, potentially harming your business and your customer relationships.

Build fast, reconcile faster

With Duco you can build reconciliations in days, without a large IT project. Running them takes minutes, and with rule-based automated labelling and break assignment, you can cut investigation times and fix errors fast.

Seeing is believing

Book a 30 minute demo to see Duco in action and discover
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