We’re Duco, and we make managing mission-critical data easy.

We want to cut time spent on data-related work in Operations and Finance departments by 90%. Why? Because financial services firms spend millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours every year trying to solve data problems.

The industry continues to innovate and grow, but often still relies on the same decades-old technology to keep the lights on.

Duco was founded on a radical new approach: on the cloud, where everyone else was on-premise; machine learning, where everything was manual; operated by the business, instead of IT; flexible and data agnostic, not another point solution.

We pitched the idea to the top financial institutions on the planet and they told us it would never work. Now, over 150 of them, including 15 tier one banks, are our customers. We’ve gone from processing a billion lines of data in 18 months to doing that almost daily.


We fundamentally believe that cloud-hosted software-as-a-service is the best way to deliver industry-leading innovation and transformation for everyone.”

We built something powerful by combining this with two proprietary technologies: our matching engine and no-code Natural Rule Language.

The result: a platform business-users can operate themselves, that harnesses advanced matching techniques and the computational power of the AWS cloud to spot connections other systems can’t.

Living in the cloud also allows us to realise the full power of Artificial Intelligence to help our customers remove the burden of manual work, save time and reduce errors. This frees up their teams to add value and deliver strategic insight.

All this experience allows us to think about core problems differently and come up with an innovative platform that empowers business users to address the underlying challenges in ingesting, preparing, accessing and publishing data.

Reconciliations are a last line of defence against upstream data quality problems; we’re giving firms the tools they need to head upstream to fix these issues at source.

Many of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on Duco to ensure their data is accurate, their costs are controlled, their operations streamlined and their business remains agile.

Our customers are changing their legacy.
Are you?