Unlock your data potential

Put the full power of the cloud to work on your data. Supercharge your operations with
AI-powered data automation, effortless scalability and unparalleled insight.

Automate your business operations
at an enterprise level

Duco was built for organisations that need to automate their mission-critical data processes, using AI to eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline operations and improve data quality. Duco’s open, modular platform reduces the complexity of operations and finance teams’ technology stack and provides a seamless experience, from consuming data through to the publishing to downstream systems.

Bringing the processing of mission-critical data to business users with governance and control

The Duco platform provides a single source of truth for mission-critical data across your organisation. It is cloud native, SaaS-only, no-code and powered by AI.

Cloud native

Cloud native SaaS

Cloud native

Software as a service

The Duco platform is always up to date, available anywhere and scales with you. There’s no installation, hardware or maintenance to worry about. Everything you need to succeed is included as standard, from the initial setup to onboarding and training. We’ll help you configure a solution that is:

  • Live in 24 hours, provides results in 30 days and shows ROI in year one
  • Seamlessly, regularly updated with a rapid innovation cycle
  • Hosted on AWS in multiple regions for security and speed
  • Supported by a global team to ensure a fast response regardless of timezone
Machine learing

AI powered

Machine learing

AI that keeps humans in the loop

Duco uses AI to reduce repetitive and time-intensive manual tasks at scale while keeping humans in the loop. User interactions help to improve the model and add even more value through faster, smoother processes. It’s ready to go as soon as you are, and doesn’t compromise on safety or security.

  • Automate repetitive manual processes, like rekeying data from emails, PDFs and images
  • Cut time spent on normalisation & rule creation
  • Increase exception management efficiency with predictive labelling
  • Train AI models just by validating – no data science degree needed

No code


Build controls without code

Duco empowers your teams to build and manage processes on the platform, without specialist technical knowledge. Our proprietary Natural Rule Language (NRL) enables users to build controls using plain English sentences, without resource-hungry IT projects.

  • Build and edit controls in plain English, in minutes
  • Shorten project lifecycles from weeks to hours
  • Remove key person dependencies with clear configurations
  • Put your data experts in control and minimise handovers between teams

Secure & compliant

Rest assured with enterprise security

Some of the world’s largest businesses trust us to keep their data safe and compliant with regulation. We keep your data protected and secure with the same encryption standards used for classified government documents and extensive safeguards.

  • Built-in access and audit functions, including fine-grained permission controls
  • ISO 27001 certified and audited annually for SOC 2 compliance
  • All data at rest is encrypted using 256-bit AES. All Duco applications are deployed across multiple locations for redundancy
  • All results and user actions are retained in line with your data retention requirements

Data agnostic

Your tech doesn’t have to dictate your processes

The Duco Platform can work with your data, as it is. Structured, unstructured, complex… you’re not stuck with complicated or bulky processes due to the limitations of the technology. Duco is designed to work seamlessly alongside your existing systems and enable better data outcomes, system decommissioning and process improvement.

  • Improve data quality, reduce EUDAs and point solutions, and build more effective processes
  • Plug and play connectivity across new and existing systems
  • Enable data-driven decision making across the enterprise
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Seeing is believing

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