Start trusting your regulatory data

Misreported data results in fines and reputational loss.
Duco provides certainty of data quality and integrity.

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Agile reconciliation across all regulations

Stay on the right side of regulation

Ensure completeness and accuracy

Duco compares your books and records to regulators, trade repositories and ARMs. It identifies errors, under-reporting and over-reporting and assigns them for investigation.


Monitor data throughout its lifecycle

Regulations require data from across the firm, with many potential break points. Monitor data quality, consistency and locate the source of errors rapidly.

Agile and adaptable

Unique self-service approach

Duco learns about your formats and enables your users to set up even the most complex regulatory reconciliations from scratch within hours.


Keep up with the regulators

Duco is not specific to any one regulation. So whether it is a MIFID, SFTR, Dodd Frank or EMIR revision, or a new regulation altogether, you can respond to change instantly and will be future proof from day one.

Maintain security and privacy

Personal data is safe

Duco’s security protocols and encryption ensure that personal data reportable under financial service legislation is never compromised.


Full audit trail

Every user action, configuration change, workflow assignment and process run is available for up to ten years.

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Use Duco for...

✓   MiFID

✓   MiFID II

✓   EMIR

✓   SFTR


✓   Dodd-Frank

✓   HKMA

✓   ASIC

✓   MAS

✓   Anything else!

Case Study

Regulatory Reporting at a Tier One Bank

“One of the key benefits of Duco is that it truly puts the operations team in control of the reconciliation process.”

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