Automating over 80% of incoming insurance claims at Keypoint


“We’re currently automating more than 80%. This means no manual intervention. This has a gigantic impact on our business.”

Keypoint is a digital assistant for everyone that has decision-making authority in relation to maintenance, repairs and daily management of real estate property in Belgium. They created a digital platform that connects all parties and automates the file management.

They wanted to automate incoming property claims. Processing all the quotations and invoices manually took too much time and effort, resulting in slower handling of claims and thus longer waiting times for customers.

These documents need to be processed, because it is important to capture all the data on them as accurately as possible and store it as structured data. Keypoint now does this faster and more accurately than ever before with Duco’s Adaptive Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology, enabling them to deliver significantly faster customer service.

The platform was quickly integrated within the company and automates more than 80% of incoming documents, with the models constantly improving.

“We love that the deep learning models keep improving even more.”

Quick integration turned out to be even more important than Keypoint had anticipated. Duco’s Adaptive IDP technology went live just a few days before storm Eunice hit Belgian territory, causing more than €500 million in damages. This naturally caused a surge in insurance claims.

Luckily, Keypoint could processed all invoices and quotations automatically. Without Duco, all these documents would have been processed manually and would have slowed down the entire business.