Saving Europ Assistance 495 hours per month by automating 78% of manual work in the mailroom


“For the teams that must process these communications, there are no delays anymore, tickets can be processed faster, and the incoming information is of high quality. That’s very important because you don’t want to lose time to read everything again to see what it’s all about.”

Europ Assistance is one of the market leaders when it comes to insurance and assistance. The company sells everything from travel insurance to roadside assistance to house and family assistance in more than 200 countries.

With 95 million customers worldwide, Europ Assistance gets a lot of incoming communication that needs to be processed. They wanted to automate this processing to improve the customer experience and provide better service to their clients.

“At the moment, 78% of the documents in scope are automated.”

They use Duco’s Adaptive Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology to automate over 70% of manual effort involved in mailroom processing in just six weeks.

Prior to leveraging Duco, Europ Assistance’s data entry team had to manually process all communications from customers and insurance brokers. This communication enters the organisation through different channels, such as digital web forms, portals, email, post and so on. The data entry team used to have to classify and interpret each document to ensure it was sent to the right department for further processing.

Now the team is supported by Adaptive IDP, which means they only have to intervene when the model isn’t sure if all the data is correct. Document processing is faster and more accurate, and even when manual intervention is required, it takes far less time than before: just 0.6 minutes each time. The team now have a lot more free time to dedicate to more valuable activities.

“Our employees who used to do repetitive tasks that had less of an added value can now do jobs with more added value.”

Automation is saving the team 495 hours per month, allowing staff to instead focus on more complicated cases or other value-added tasks.

As a result, Europ Assistance have greatly improved their response time to customers and the overall customer experience. They have also reduced processing costs and replaced a legacy back-office system.