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Reconciling ETD and OTC trade data can be challenging. Fractional pricing, false breaks on time zones or simple language differences, allocating bulk trades all mean additional complexity. With increasing regulatory scrutiny putting more focus on transparency and speed, operational burdens are getting heavier.

Getting it wrong can mean audits and fines from regulators, and they’ll only increase as regulations continue to evolve. Beyond audits and fines, unclear or inaccurate data could obscure risk exposures and impact client reporting.

How Duco adds value

Duco has extensive experience in OTC and ETD derivatives across a range of 50+ buy- and sell-side customers.

Clients trust us because we offer:

Flexible ingestion from systems including ION, FIS, Murex and Summit - no ETL and no column limits

Higher volume processing and intra-day checks - thanks to our scalable, in-memory architecture

Advanced total equity capabilities - link processes and save time on root cause analysis and process validation


Meeting compressing market timeframes

Timelines are compressing for OTC derivatives, and breaks don’t age well – they become more difficult to resolve the older they get.

Build fast, reconcile faster

With Duco you can build reconciliations in days, without a large IT project. Running them takes minutes, and with rule-based automated labelling and break assignment, you can cut investigation times to help you meet tight deadlines.


Lack of standardisation

Varying data quality from counterparties can lead to manual work normalising and transforming data to even get to the point where a recon can be run.

Go no-code to cut manual work

Natural Rule Language helps you manage messy or complex data. You can join or split data, link tables and run multiple passes on reference data, with almost no manual intervention.


Lack of flexibility

Keeping up with changing regulatory requirements can be challenging with legacy tech. With EMIR and CFTC updates requiring break fixes within seven days, speed, flexibility and streamlined exception handling are ‘must-haves’.

Meet changing requirements without major IT projects

With Duco, the people who know the data can manage changes quickly, easily and with complete transparency. Changes to parameters are automatically documented for full audibility.

Seeing is believing

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