Live in 24 hours at Coface to rapidly improve data controls for IFRS 17 reporting


“We chose Duco because they are a genuine disruptor in the reconciliation market with a reputation for making an immediate impact. We were live and setting up our first reconciliations within 24 hours of contract signature. Duco also makes it easier for our Operations and Finance teams to communicate and work together.”

Coface, the world’s leading credit insurer, has harnessed the power of the Duco platform to provide increased confidence in the quality and accuracy of data for enterprise reconciliation including invoices and claims for IFRS 17 requirements.

Our solution empowered Coface to take greater control over their data accuracy, delivering an unprecedented level of visibility compared to what the company was used to. The Duco platform is deployed across Coface’s global operations as an end user-driven, enterprise-wide data integrity platform.

“Duco enables improved data integrity and quality to feed directly into our reconciliations whilst allowing efficient remediation of exceptions. As the leader in our field, it is important that we have robust processes in place well ahead of the deadline for IFRS 17 compliance.”

IFRS 17 reporting compliance requires data reconciliations between accounting tools and Coface’s central data warehouse. Reconciliations were previously performed in global data quality dashboards. These were based on aggregated amounts which meant there was no granular visibility. Duco’s Proof of Concept showed the rapid impact the platform could make in terms of providing granular visibility of the data.

Coface was able to go live in a day and empower their operations users to build reconciliations without delay.