Harnessing data to drive long-term strategic change


“We looked at a number of systems but Duco stood out for its agility, self-service capabilities and SaaS deployment model. It is the only solution that truly empowers our operations team to build and manage reconciliations themselves.”

This customer, a leading Dutch bank, chose Duco because they needed a flexible, agile solution that could de-risk their processes and standardise operations. Expensive and inflexible legacy tech and error-prone manual processes were acting as a blocker to the customer’s strategic priorities.

The bank has a five-year goal to move to a more enterprise model of operating. This means consolidating their reconciliations and giving more control to their operations teams.

Duco sits in the bank’s Centre of Excellence, which handles outsourced reconciliations for other departments. These include wholesale, corporate investment banking, retail and their instant payments unit.

“With Duco we are able to deliver a new technology strategy, boosting efficiency, transparency and auditability across the firm.”

The bank is a champion of innovation. One of their key uses of Duco is improving speed and efficiency for their instant payments. The bank considers this a key differentiator from their competitors and were looking for a best-in-class solution to help enhance advantages in this space.

Duco’s flexible self-service data automation platform plays a vital role in the customer’s five-year plan. With our platform, the bank has unlocked the kind of operational agility, control and accuracy they need to drive growth in new and existing markets.