January 2024

WealthCo Asset Management frees up team by automating manual data tasks with Duco platform

Asset manager consolidates and automates key reconciliations to ensure streamlined and scalable operations.

9 January 2024, Boston – Duco, a leading cloud-based data automation company, today announced that WealthCo Asset Management, part of the WealthCo corporate group, have been able to replace key spreadsheet-based processes in Wealth Asset Management, Insurance Operations and Finance, with automated, scalable reconciliations using Duco’s cloud-based, SaaS solution.

WealthCo chose Duco to help achieve their goal of more streamlined, efficient operations through one system that could manage reconciliations for price, positions, trades and cash. Scalability was a critical factor as the company grows and the Duco platform has enabled them to build volume-agnostic automated processes.

As a result, WealthCo can easily manage their data, have reduced the number of breaks and consolidated their reconciliations. The Duco platform has made it possible for the team to quickly build complex matching rules and normalise their data.

Jeanne Oppenheim, Chief Operating Officer at WealthCo, said: “Duco enables us to leverage end-user automation, driving down total cost of ownership, risk and time-to-value, reduce costs and dramatically improve efficiency in reconciliation and other data integrity tasks. We have consolidated previously manual tasks across different platforms into Duco, giving us scalable and transparent controls and enhanced auditability as we grow. All of this allows us more time to spend with clients.”

Chris Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer at Duco, commented: “WealthCo have ditched manual work, future-proofed their business and freed up their teams to focus on what really matters – delivering the best possible experience to clients. We’re delighted by the success they’ve already achieved with the Duco platform and look forward to further supporting them as they grow.”

About WealthCo

At WealthCo Asset Management, we understand that your financial journey is more than just numbers on a screen. It’s about the hard work you’ve put in, the dreams you’re aspiring to, and the legacy you hope to leave behind. We’re here to not only protect and grow your wealth but also to make sure you feel confident and secure about your financial future.

Our unique approach prioritizes extensive diversification, utilizing four proprietary investment pools. Based on your risk appetite and financial goals, we align these pools into four allocation strategies. With WealthCo Asset Management, you’re not left to the whims of the market. Instead, you become an empowered investor, choosing the strategy that suits your unique situation and goals.