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Having confidence in your positions and spotting trade fails early is vital to almost everything you do. Trade fails happen, but even with a low estimate of 2% of trades failing, the value of these errors can be in the millions and can result in significant operational challenges as well as penalties.

Not being able to spot fails quickly means problems persist, more trades are executed incorrectly, and risk is carried for longer.

How Duco adds value

Duco’s powerful matching engine improves match rates out of the box

No-code means business users can set up reconciliations, complete with automated labelling and workflows, in a matter of days - without large IT projects

Eliminate upgrade costs and the proliferation of point solutions while reducing time to market and setup costs for new products


Lack of standardisation

Varying data quality from counterparties can lead to manual work normalising and transforming data to even get to the point where a recon can be run. Particularly where SWIFT adoption isn’t strong.

Gain flexibility and efficiency

Natural Rule Language helps you manage messy or complex data. Easily transform and reconcile data with little to  no manual intervention. And late data stops being a problem – automated snapshot runs can be set to run as data comes in. You’ll get fewer false breaks and can get to investigations faster.


Clunky workflows

Daily workflows, from initial integrity checks to exception management, can be clunky and time-consuming with legacy solutions.

Flexible, automated workflow adapts to your processes

Automated workflows are simple in Duco. “If break is x then do y”. Labelling, assigning investigators, commenting are all done quickly and can be done in bulk. You define your best practices and build workflows that follow them.


Complex regulatory landscape

Initiatives like T+1 are requiring faster transaction settlement, while CSDR is upping reporting and information requirements and penalising trade fails. Existing systems and manual workarounds are unlikely to be able to cope with one very well, let alone both.

Duco provides the agility to be both faster AND better

Duco’s best-in-class matching engine, easy rule setup and automated exception management helps ensure faster reconciliations and ultimately better data. Meet tight deadlines without sacrificing controls.

Seeing is believing

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