July 2018

Reconciliation is mandatory under MiFID II

Under MiFID II there is a requirement for all firms to carry out regular reconciliations of their front office records against data reported to the regulator. Due to the wide-ranging obligations of MiFID II, there is also significant data risk inherent in the process of reporting.

The consequence is that all firms need a robust, flexible solution for data validation and reconciliation. Duco Cube, with its immediate implementation and unrivalled time to market is the ideal solution to mitigate these risks.

Our new whitepaper, MiFID II data reconciliation: a practical guide, summarises the major reconciliation challenges of MiFID II, what firms need to do, and how Duco Cube can ensure compliance in a very quick timeframe.

For more info on how Duco can help you with your MIFID II reconciliations check out our solution page.