Happy holidays

Santa and Duco launch cloud-based Santa-as-a-Service


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Data automation enables Santa to break free from legacy, on-premise Christmas with an agile new festive offering

December 2022, Lapland, North Pole – Santa, the world’s premier gifting logistics specialist, and Duco, a leading data automation company, announced today the launch of a new, cloud-based Christmas offering: Santa-as-a-Service (SaaS).

SaaS is going to completely change Christmas by giving users on-demand access to their favourite festive features, whether that’s a present delivered instantly, a localised coating of snow, or just a general feeling of warmth and goodwill to all.

“This is all possible thanks to the progress made towards my new Target Operating Model (TOM). Last year’s data automation initiative with Duco has significantly improved operational efficiency, and I’d been taking notes on their cloud-native model for months now. The time is finally right for me to bring people a faster, more agile Christmas in line with the demands of a modern populace.”

Santa Claus, Christmas Executive Officer of Santa-as-a-Service

Giving Saint Nick a new operating model for Christmas

Moving to a new target operating model involved addressing three crucial areas of Santa’s North Pole Operations: technology, processes and people.

From a technology perspective, Santa has long relied on on-premise legacy solutions. While a lot of them smell of cinnamon, which gives a lovely Christmassy feel to the factory, they are unable to carry out many of the tasks required of them.

In one instance, the Elves installed the latest machine for processing toy requests from a legacy vendor, only to discover it was just a gnome in a box handling all the orders manually and shouting ‘BEEP’ every twenty seconds.

Santa-as-a-Service means instant delivery of Christmassy goodness. This C+0 settlement model simply isn’t possible if it takes until 10pm the following day for the Elves to finish reconciling requests against customer databases.

Such drawbacks were having a significant impact upon the Elves. Prior to last year’s partnership with Duco, cases of Elf burnout were at an all-time high, especially the IT Elves, who kept having to knit jumpers for the hardware in the data centre to stop the server blades from freezing.

Santa added: “It used to be a very stressful work environment for everyone. I realised how widely it was felt across the organisation on the night where Prancer bit Mrs Claus.”

“Now that we’ve automated Santa’s data, he’s free to bring everyone a faster, more agile Christmas this year. I’m excited to see what Santa will achieve with this new operating model, and he’s told me if we hit our targets this year, I’ll get a pony.”

Christian Nentwich, Chief Elfzecutive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Duco