March 2021

How Intelligent Data Automation is set to redefine enterprise transformation

Exponential growth in business data is providing firms with more resources than ever to make strategic decisions. But in order to harness the full potential of their data, firms must first ensure its quality.

We believe the answer is Intelligent Data Automation. This means using an ecosystem of no-code, cloud-based tools to automate and control all financial, operational and commercial data across your organisation. It’s the key to not only successfully managing data, but to unlocking the full benefits of it for your firm.

This approach enables you to get a detailed view of data across your enterprise. It allows you to better understand your operations and identify new opportunities. All of which drives greater efficiency and agility across your organisation.

Douglas Greenwell, our Global Head of Sales, discussed the idea of Intelligent Data Automation at the 2021 Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services virtual conference. Watch his presentation to learn more about the data integrity tools empowering enterprise-wide transformation.