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Santa expands Duco implementation to new business after North Pole success

December, Lapland, North Pole – Santa, the world’s premier gifting logistics specialist, and Duco, a leading data automation company, have today announced a significant expansion to their current enterprise agreement.

The Duco Platform is already deployed across Santa’s North Pole operations, providing huge cost reductions and greatly boosting operational efficiency.

Thanks to Duco, Santa is saving the equivalent of 1000 FTE (Full-Time Elf) hours per month due to the automation of formally-manual processes.

Duco’s flexible data integrity platform has empowered Santa to harness machine learning and cloud computing to create a golden source of data and automate complex and repetitive tasks, such as naughty-nice list reconciliation, toy inventory reporting and wish list aggregation.

Giving Santa the gift of opportunity

The implementation has freed Santa up to pursue lucrative opportunities in new markets, and he has once again chosen Duco as his go-to enterprise data quality solution.

“Thanks to Duco, I finally have the chance to do what I’ve always dreamed of, and launch my own range of sustainable beard oils,” said Santa, CEO (Christmas Executive Officer) at the North Pole.

“My beard is iconic, and soon every beard across the world can be too. I no longer have to spend all year dealing with the operational headaches caused by one night’s work.”

No more late nights (except Christmas Eve)

“The actual delivering of presents was just the tip of the iceberg,” adds Buddy the Elf, Santa’s CFO (Chief Festive Officer).

“The administration and reporting required to deliver our seasonal targets kept us working overtime all year, as we were largely relying upon outdated systems or manual processes.”

For example, Buddy explains that one of the on-premise solutions used to reconcile Santa’s elf production volumes against the volume of toys requested by children is over 30 years old.

“It’s not really made for this sort of task,” Buddy explained. “It was originally built to make candy canes, so it really struggles to deal with these new formats. Also occasionally the reports come out with green and red stripes on them.”

“Santa performs a vital function in global festivities for a huge number of people. But a huge amount of the work involved in bringing toys to all the good boys and girls – I asked for a drum, by the way – simply isn’t necessary. Together, we’ve simplified the North Pole operations, and I’m excited to help Santa launch his new beard oils range.”

Christian Nentwich, CEO, Duco

Keeping regulators (and elves) happy

It is very important that reporting was as accurate as possible, as Santa has to follow strict rules, as specified by the European Santa Monitoring Agency (ESMA) and the Tinsel Committee’s Beneficiary Standards (TCBS) 239 regulations.

Santa’s operations already struggled because a large amount of the data they were processing was still stored primarily in hard copy.

Not only did this make it hard to get a truly accurate, real-time picture of operations, but occasionally one of the reindeer would eat an invoice.

“To be honest, we may have been bringing joy to children around the world, but our processes were leaving us anything but joyful,” Santa admits. “However, since we implemented Duco everyone’s a lot less stressed; the elves have never been happier. And Mrs Claus says I’ve lost weight.”