November 2020

FIA Showcases Duco As Fintech Success Story

By Rewan Tremethick, Content Manager.

Five years ago Duco was picked to take part in FIA’s first ever Innovators Pavilion. We’d only been established for two years, so it was great to be recognised so early into our journey. Now, FIA is celebrating five years of showcasing innovative start-ups and has picked Duco as one of the success stories from the inaugural event.

Back in 2015 we demonstrated how banks, brokers, asset managers and hedge funds can normalise, validate and reconcile any type of data in the cloud, with a SaaS model that takes hours – not days – to set up.

Since then we’ve added new innovations, including the Alpha machine learning platform. Our strategy has always been to keep things simple and make managing data easy for end users.

It’s worked ‘remarkably well’ according to FIA. In fact, our customers are some of the world’s top financial institutions, including 15 of the top 50 banks. We also recently saw a rapid acceleration in growth as the coronavirus pandemic forced firms to improve operational efficiency, cut costs and reduce risk.

20 firms were selected for the Innovators Pavilion back in 2015. Some didn’t make it, but some truly prospered. We’re delighted to be one of the ones that prospered.

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