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EMIR Refit pit stop:
are you in pole position?Discover technology solutions to overcome common concerns about the EMIR Refit as the pressure shifts up a gear

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Speaking to customers over the past year or so, we’ve seen five key concerns come up repeatedly when discussing the EMIR Refit:

  • Underreporting or overreporting
  • Controls between source systems and the reporting engine
  • Investigating daily mismatch data from trade repositories
  • Managing reconciliation between diverging EU and UK regimes
  • Testing end-to-end controls as part of the UAT phase

ESMA is still making adjustments to reportable fields, throwing a potential spanner in the works or firms preparing for extensive UAT testing. Our panel take a pulse on those key challenges, and how far down the road firms need to be at the current time.

We also demonstrate how Duco’s data automation technology keeps you firmly in the driving seat for the Refit and beyond, enabling you to build a robust, yet agile regulatory control framework. One that can improve efficiency, visibility and scalability while ensuring your business can handle the full throttle pace of regulatory change.


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Steve Walsh

Product & Solutions Director, Duco

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With over 25 years of experience within capital markets operations, change management and technology in buy, sell-side and fintech organisations like Nomura, Citi and SETL, Steve has the skills and experience to deliver both business driven enablement and industry led change, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence. A product and process specialist with a core understanding of operational risk mitigation and removal. Steve combines a deep understanding of business process, regulatory expectation, and compliance standards with broad technology skills to deliver innovation led outcomes to business objectives.

Stephanie Rubizhevsky

Director, Quorsus

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Stephanie is an experienced subject matter expert and product development lead. She has spent the last several years collaborating with technology engineers to build innovative regulatory reporting software and solutions.

Stephanie has worked closely with customers to help develop automated processes and has overseen client deliverables. She has a deep level of understanding of the Dodd-Frank Act (CFTC & SEC), ASIC, EMIR, MAS and KRX amongst others.

Carly Van Kirk

Global Head of Client Engagement, Duco

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Carly leads the Global Client Engagement team at Duco. She has a proven track record in building diverse, high performing teams that deliver transformative solutions to enterprise customers. Her past roles have included positions at technology firms in product management, implementation, and relationship management. Carly is specialised in project methodology, IT delivery models, process improvement, and artificial intelligence. She holds degrees in Political Science and Foreign Policy, but has instead nurtured a passion for innovative technology solutions and continuous improvement for the past two decades. Somehow she also found time to become a classically trained chef.

Jimmy Huang

Senior Solutions Engineer, Duco

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Jimmy Huang is a financial technology engineer delivering reconciliation and other enterprise data solutions for international financial firms and exchange groups. His expertise lies in understanding the complex data and scalable technology issues financial firms face.

Previously, he led the design and implementation of the first data pooling platform for FRTB market risk purposes working with the top six Canadian banks and CanDeal.