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Our self-service technology means you can onboard clients quickly and set up controls in a fraction of the time compared to traditional systems or manual work. The average time to set up a reconciliation process with Duco is just 2.4 hours.

Collate data

Your clients depend on you to perform recs daily or even intra-day. Duco pulls together data from prime brokers, custodians, clients and others, to rapidly identify breaks and present them to management.

Gain full oversight

Customers need rapid answers to questions, while issues need to be managed immediately. With Duco you can view exceptions alongside other core metrics (eg NAVs, positions, trades) for complete oversight of your client universe.

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How our customers use Duco

Consolidating reconciliations

Rather than using different systems to perform NAV, fee, position and cash reconciliations, use a single platform to provide the control and oversight you need to service your clients’ needs.

Client reconciliation

Technology should not be a barrier to growth, but it too frequently is. With Duco you can set up the reconciliations required to service a new client or asset class extremely quickly, allowing you to focus on your core services.

NAV reconciliation

If a NAV cannot be reconciled, identifying whether breaks originate in cash movements, transactions, collateral valuations or elsewhere can be a very time consuming task. Duco's Insight module dramatically reduces this time, indicating the source of a break in any number of connected processes and updating top level views in real-time as issues are resolved.

AIFMD Cash Flows Monitoring

Depositaries are required to monitor and reconcile AIF’s cash flows by obtaining a full overview of the cash positions and cash movements of the fund. Duco's flexible natural language rules mean you can determine what constitutes significant cash flows very easily - flagged as a percentage of NAV or by other specific measures.

Inter-system reconciliation

Effectively servicing your customers means many systems and processes working in harmony, collating data from internal and external departments before key reports can be generated. Duco ensures your data remains consistent at all times with easy-to-create intersystem validation checks.

Regulatory reporting verification

Compare your own or your clients’ front, middle and back office records to copies held by regulators, competent authorities, trade repositories, etc without technical projects and without column limitations. Any regulatory changes are quick and easy to deal with.

Replacing spreadsheet reconciliations

Duco is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but fundamentally more scalable and auditable. It empowers users who understand the data to set up automated controls themselves within hours, then maintain them, without projects or asking for help.

System migration integrity

With Duco you can simplify system migration projects dramatically, without relying on manual work. Put parallel-run controls in place within hours, then compare millions of records in minutes. The overall data quality is easy to measure.

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Duco is live within 24 hours, gets results in 30 days and delivers a return on investment in year one.