A new approach to data integrity

Duco enables executing brokers, clearing brokers, IDBs and retail brokers to scale their business quickly and increase control

Empower experts

Your operations staff have a wealth of experience in execution and clearing. Duco empowers them to set up controls instead of relying on technical systems.

Scale effortlessly

Growing the firm and reacting to volume spikes is difficult with manual processes and inflexible systems. Duco Cube's intelligent technology scales with your business.

React instantly

Duco Cube is up-and-running in 24 hours, for every client, large or small. Once live, reconciliation processes take just a few hours to set up from scratch.

How brokers use Duco Cube

Clearing & exchange reconciliation

Duco Cube’s smart technology can handle trade and position reconciliations with ease, in all asset classes. Changes to formats, exchange upgrades, technical differences in symbology or timing issues are not a problem.

Fees and commission

Having incorrect or out-of-date fee structures can cause erroneous trade bookings, potentially leading to losses and fines. With Duco Cube, you can ensure your fee schedules, bookings and amounts are always accurate.

Total equity reconciliation

When account balances are out, it can be a complex process to investigate the root cause. Duco Cube’s Insight module performs the analysis for you, running through a cascade of connected reconciliations to find the cause and updating top level balances in real-time as issues are resolved.

Replacing spreadsheet reconciliations

Duco Cube is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but fundamentally more scalable and auditable. It empowers users who understand the data to set up automated controls themselves within hours, then maintain them, without projects or asking for help.

Replacing legacy reconciliations

Duco Cube handles everything, from nostro accounts to one-off spreadsheet comparisons, making multiple reconciliation systems unnecessary. Lower your TCO by consolidating on to one powerful platform.

Inter-system reconciliation

Data moves around the organisation, sometimes via hundreds of systems, with key details changed or enriched at every step. Duco Cube ensures your data remains consistent at all times with easy-to-create intersystem validation checks.

Regulatory reporting verification

Compare front, middle and back office records to copies held by regulators, competent authorities, trade repositories, etc without technical projects and without column limitations. Any regulatory changes are quick and easy to deal with.

System migration integrity

With Duco Cube you can simplify system migration projects dramatically, without relying on manual work. Put parallel-run controls in place within hours, then compare millions of records in minutes. The overall data quality is easy to measure.

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Improving efficiency and reducing costs across broking operations and finance

Global Clearing Broker

Automating trade and position controls to enable fast scaling and increased auditability

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