Duco for Fintech & Payments

Fast, powerful data management for agile, innovative businesses.

Unlock greater operational efficiency through data quality

Control data across your organisation, streamline your operations and simplify compliance. Focus on new opportunity and delivering unrivalled customer experience with a flexible, scalable solution.

Challenger Banks

Join forces with a true disruptor to supercharge your efficiency and stay compliant. Harness the latest in agile and scalable data management software to quickly manage and reconcile your data in the cloud. Simplify your operations and keep costs low to better focus on delivering a best-in-class customer experience.


Choose a data management solution that can keep pace with you. Seamlessly integrate the Duco Platform alongside your internal and external systems to unlock a scalable approach to managing payments data. Stay focussed on speed and agility, without compromising on security or accuracy.


Unite processes across your organisation and handle trade, position and balance data quickly and at scale with the Duco Platform. Get total visibility of your processes from start to finish and unlock the agility you need to respond fast to new opportunities.


Easily reconcile between exchanges, blockchain, wallets, custodians and portfolio accounting systems. Harness the power of an agile system that can understand transaction data even without traditional identifiers and credit or debit flags.

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Intersystem Reconciliations

Payment Matching

Nostro/Vostro Accounts

Exchange to Blockchain Reconciliation

How BlockFi and Duco are elevating automation, control and scalability

Discover why BlockFi chose to deploy the Duco platform globally and enterprise-wide to take control of their data and ensure agility as the company continues to grow.

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