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Outperform your competition with internet-scale access to your data

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Analytics on demand

The Duco Data Platform gives you access to all your normalized business data and exceptions using Duco’s Big Data cluster.

No-touch integration

Connect self-service analytics tools or build downstream integrations to that pull your data via SQL. No projects required.

Unrivalled scalability

Can you look at up to ten years’ worth of operational data? Get a time series over this time frame? Out-scale and out-analyze your competition.

How it works

Just switch it on

The Data Platform is available as an optional module for all Duco customers. As soon as your Duco rep enables it, data starts flowing into a Big Data cluster, ready for your use.

The Data Platform automatically builds a time series of your data, including all exceptions and workflow actions performed on it.

Simple access, no work required

The Data Platform provides a simple SQL endpoint that can be used to query all data.

You can connect self-service analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services, Qlikview and more to build dashboards, without projects. Or pull the data out into your own systems.

Clean data, long-term insights

The Data Platform takes your data from Duco, which means it is normalized and clean, having been investigated by your operations team. 

You can treat it as your “data lake”, a store of trend information, a short-term data cleansing solution or a long-term archive. The choice is yours.

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Duco Data Platform

Analyze trends on up to ten years’ worth of data

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