Keep your migration on track

System migration projects are routinely delayed and over-budget.
With Duco you can keep them running to schedule.

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Compare before and after to ensure data quality

Establish before/after checks in no time

Ensure nothing is lost

Duco can compare the data in your new and old system, ensure nothing is lost and any format changes are correct.


Faster than any alternative

Duco is live in 24 hours and consumes your data as it is. Faster and more reliable than spreadsheets, much faster and more transparent than doing it in code.

Check data quality at every step

During development

With Duco you can make sure that every new change has a positive impact on your migration.


During production migration

Get confirmation of migration success, or immediately see if there are any issues.

Assign exceptions with ease

Duco automatically creates exceptions for any issues during the migration. You can then simply assign these to the relevant stakeholder to fix the problem. Nothing gets lost.

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Case Study

Back Office Migration

“Duco was able to compare and clean up static data sources very early on in the project, eliminating a key source of potential false breaks.”

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Duco is live in 24 hours and works with any data