Ensuring data integrity during a complex system migration

Tier one investment bank

“Duco enabled us to validate assumptions, clarify scope, track progress and distribute work globally – all of which were critical to delivering on an aggressive migration schedule.”

A global investment bank needed a data integrity solution they could trust for an extensive system migration project. They had to deal with multiple, inconsistent sources of data, multiple locations across the globe and the need to continuously reconcile data between the test environments and live system.

The firm chose Duco due to our cloud platform’s ability to easily cope with millions of lines of data and the no-code functionality, which enabled the operations team to perform regression checks and rule configuration themselves.

Without Duco, this project would have required tens of new hires to extract and compare statements manually - a costly and risky exercise. An in-house developed application was also unfeasible as it would place further burden on the IT team, who were already at capacity dealing with the actual migration.

The firm was able to compare and clean up static data sources very early on in the project, eliminating a key source of potential false breaks.

The customer relied heavily on Duco for reconciliations of the before and after state during the migration. Issues were assigned to staff in Singapore, Australia, Europe and the US for investigation and resolution.

Thanks to Duco, the client’s migration programme was successfully completed on time, on budget, and without any major issues.